Our sorting factory is located in the capital city of Latvia – Riga. Within reasonable distance to the Free port of Riga it is an ideal location for business. Within close proximity of high density living areas we never lack good work force and convenient public transport as well as private parking keeps our worker happy.

With specially designed quality checking system we can ensure that all our goods are prepared exactly to the request of our costumes. Our higher tier working staff takes full responsibility for the materials we make, thus ensuring that no flaws are in effect.

We sort more than 200 tons of goods monthly, this includes clothes, shoes, home accessories, bric-a-brac.

We run our business with family in mind. So regular events, celebrations and rewards are always what our employees are looking forward to. With personal approach to every worker we make sure that he is not only a valuable asset to the team, but also is a friend to each and every one within the company

Although we run the factory as a family business, we do have strict rules in place. With personal responsibility, attendance and an eagle eye to the working environment being in high demand. All this supports not only our factory, but the people working with each other no bantering, discrimination or racism is tolerated, and all workers are to be respected equally no matter their position within the company