Preferable if the client arranges shipment from themselves.
We can arrange shipment if necessary - the price will depend on location and weight.
Use the contact form on our Contacts page or message us on WhatsApp
+371 20040660 where we will gladly send you more photos or videos and answer any questions.
We pack our clothes in either big bags ~100-130kg or small bags ~15-25kg
Africa gets packed into 450kg bales and Pakistan in 350kg bales.
Bric Brac gets packed in cardboard boxes on a wooden pallet.

How do we arrange delivery?

How do I get more information/photos?

How do we pack our goods?

What is the minimum order?

Minimum order original in Baltic states is 1 ton, any further export country is 5 tons.
Pakistan 1 container ~20tons.
Africa 1 container ~27tons.
Cotton cubes 1 pallet 650kg, cotton bales 450kg.
Other categories minimum order is 100kg.

Can I inspect the goods before paying?

You are free to visit our warehouse anytime and inspect the category you want to order. Alternatively you can ask us to send photos/videos of the said category.

Can I return the goods?

No, the orders are non-refundable.

Do we require prepayment?

We do require 100% prepayment by bank transfer before loading your order for shipping.

What do we currently have in stock?

Everything that is listed on the website is always in stock.